Your Intention, Your Action and Your Place of Attention Monday, May 10 2010 

What are your Intentions? It will always remain an Intention until you apply Action. ‘cos every INTENTION demands a commensurate ACTION in order to get to the place of ATTENTION in what you INTEND to do. For every Action you make on your Intention, it births Tension of all kinds. Attack that Tension or it (Tension) gets you into Detention. Attack Tension with Contention. The place of Attention demands that you Act now & be Ready to Contend. +23408038311174



KNOWLEDGE! There is always Room @ the TOP for those who can see it and will also Prepare for it. Where will your Opportunity MEET you? Know WHAT you need to know per time because, you cannot APPREHEND opportunity without Adequate Knowledge. Go For Knowledge. WHAT YOU KNOW GIVES YOU AN EDGE OVER OTHERS. – HOJ Weekly

BE INTERESTED! Thursday, May 6 2010 

The School of Life is an INSTITUTION. It can never be Interesting to you nor can you achieve Great Results from it until you are Interested in it. Your Interest in it makes you a Principal (An Achiever) over a period of Time & you begin to generate Interest (Results). Embrace and learn all you can from it now. – HOJ Weekly


BE THE BEST! The Best is always Preferred. To be the Best: Know Who You Are (Your Personality), Where You Are (Your Current Position), What You Want (Your Need), Why You Want It (Define Your Purpose), Find Your Passion (Where Does Your Passion Lie), Connect with Mentors (Mentor takes you by the hand into your Future) & BE READY TO PAY THE DUE PRICE. – HOJ Weekly

START SMALL! There is nothing BIG you see or find today that does not have its Smaller Version. Great door rides on Small Hinges. Start with LITTLE Things, and a Cumulative of it becomes for you; a Great Result because it’s only little things that make up for a Great thing. Regardless… JUST START. – HOJ Weekly

GET TO WORK NOW!!! Thursday, May 6 2010 

DO SOMETHING BEFORE SOMETHING DOES YOU! What you Fail to do today will Fail you tomorrow. When you Dodge your Responsibilities, you cannot also dodge the Consequences of dodging your responsibilities. It will surely Come Back to Catch Up with you. When You Fail To Move, Things Around You Will Move Over You. – HOJ Weekly


BE DISCIPLINE! Greatness demands Discipline in every ACTIVITY of a man’s life. If you want to be Great, be Discipline. It is only through Discipline you can IMPACT (Affect your world Positively), INFLUENCE (gain Control over your world) and MAKE DISCIPLE (have people Following after you). – HOJ Weekly

FOCUS IS THE KEY Thursday, May 6 2010 

REMAIN FOCUS! Focusing on your GOAL soon get you to the SUMMIT & Makes you the SPOTLIGHT in your Endeavour. Increase Your Focus, Power rises from an Increased Focus; it generates energy to Forge Ahead. Focus BINDS you to your Big Picture & also MAKES your Big Picture pull you TOWARDS itself. – HOJ Weekly

You Are Your Own Mouth-Piece Thursday, May 6 2010 

Put yourself Where you can be Found. Nobody can Market you as you would do. Self-Market yourself, Don’t Hide What You Have. No brand can survive in a Vacuum but on a PLATFORM. Find your Platform and take it as a Personal Responsibility to Inform your World of what you have to Offer. You Are Your Own Mouth-Piece. – HOJ Weekly

DARE FOR GREATNESS? Thursday, May 6 2010 

Dare for Greatness? Dare for the Gold? Dare for the Trophy in all your Undertakings? Then, get to Work, Make that Move, Make that Call NOW. Until you do what others DON’T Do, you will Remain where others Are. Decide and Make that first MOVE today. – HOJ Weekly

EVALUATE TIME IS NOW Thursday, May 6 2010 

Evaluate! Evaluate!! Evaluate!!! How has it been? Are you really Moving Forward or you are Retrogressively Stagnant? Check yourself out, weigh yourself on the scale of success and rate yourself. If you are below average, work harder. YOU CAN DO IT! Yes, You Can and Nothing will stop you. All you need is a WILL. – HOJ Weekly

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